Photo by  Jesse Volk

Photo by Jesse Volk


I’m Laura

After spending 7+ years in social media + creative marketing in the fashion/beauty industry, it was time to pursue my biggest passion that has been a creative outlet for as long as I can remember. From a hobby, to a side gig, and a role of every full-time job, photography has always weaved its way through my life. It’s my favorite method for connecting with my surroundings, building relationships (both old & new), discovering beauty in nature, collaborating with entrepreneurs, and of course, freezing timeless moments with family. It’s kept me ever so curious, thoughtful, and lighthearted. Photography will forever be a part of my story, let’s use it to capture yours, together.



Figure skater

I started figure skating at 5 y.o. and competed for 10 years. Michelle Kwan was my idol and I lucked out with meeting her twice!


I’m the youngest of four and a first-generation Cambodian American. My last name is pronounced like “so”. ;)


In May 2019, I went on my first solo trip to Europe. Over 10 days I experienced London, Amsterdam, & Switzerland (Lucerne & Zurich). Croatia or Japan are next on my solo travel list!

Career highlight

I was featured in the September 2016 Fall issue of ELLE Magazine for their #StyleAcrossAmerica segment.


Let’s work together!