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Boston and New England lifestyle and engagement photography by Laura Saur. Family portraits, newborn sessions, and couple's engagement sessions.


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Paige & Matt | Engagement Session | Boston, MA

Laura Saur

It looks like we didn't miss our chance with leaf peeping this Fall. Despite the cloudy skies and sporadic drizzles of rain, the Arnold Arboretum was showing off for Paige & Matt's engagement session. I was constantly pointing to and suggesting every little corner of color as a great photo opp. There were so many stunning gold tones hanging from the branches overhead that it didn't matter that the sun wasn't shining, it already felt so warm and bright. I'm so happy I was able to capture the peak of Fall in this session with these two lovebirds and sweet friends of mine. I can't wait to be there to photograph their wedding next September!


Catboat Adventures | New England Photographer | Cape Cod, MA

Laura Saur

Over the Summer when I was on the Cape (my first weekend ever staying there) for my friend's bachelorette, I found some time to venture out and meet up with my friend Beth for a quick sail in Mashpee on her family's catboat. It could not have been a more picturesque day - blue skies, calm waves, warm temps, and great company. It was certainly not a bad way to kick off my first Cape escape!

Beth decided it was my turn to be in front of the lens. =)

Beth decided it was my turn to be in front of the lens. =)


Casey & Tava | Maine Photographer | Engagement Party

Laura Saur

This past Summer, Casey and Tava celebrated their engagement with all of their family and friends in beautiful Kennebunkport, Maine. It was an overcast day, but as we all know that's still great weather for capturing photos outside. Casey's sister and Tava's best friend helped organize and party plan for the whole day - the crowd favorite was the Instagram square print out to frame up the Polaroids with an endless amount of cute props. I had a blast being there to photograph all the love and excitement in the air. Thanks so much for having me, Casey and Tava!

Casey and Tava had cute and thoughtful gifts they each put together as a way to ask their friends to be a part of their wedding day. So sweet!

Casey and Tava had cute and thoughtful gifts they each put together as a way to ask their friends to be a part of their wedding day. So sweet!


Owen & Noah | Family Portrait Session | York, Maine

Laura Saur

When my sister asked me to do a photo shoot of her and my nephews Owen & Noah as a surprise Father’s Day gift for my brother-in-law, I was all in. I love taking pictures of my nephews because they are the wildest little pair and they are little comedians without even knowing it. My sister and I like taking them to an open area so they can run around and just be free. As soon as we arrived at this beautiful beach in York, Maine I took off my flip flops, had my camera in hand and started running barefoot snapping away after Noah as he was the first one to run off. Of course, when there are tide pools around you immediately know that’s where he’s headed. We all knew his outfit was not going to stay dry for very long going into this, and I think that made it even funnier for him as if it was his way of saying “I told you so.”

What I have loved most about being an aunt to these two is seeing how my sister handles the unexpected with them. I never had a doubt in my mind that she’d be an amazing mom and she has continued to be the best role model for me because of her ability to love, nurture, and shape Owen & Noah’s young minds and big hearts. These boys have taught us both how to let loose and live so freely like there’s no tomorrow and I can’t thank them enough for showing me that every time I’m with them.

Aram Newborn Session | Boston, MA

Laura Saur

My very first newborn session with an incredibly sweet family. I photographed baby Aram at just a few weeks old and he was definitely still the sleepiest little nugget. His 2-year old sister, Ariana, absolutely adored him and could not stop nuzzling his side or giving him kisses on the forehead - she is so proud to be his big sister. I loved having the chance to spend time with the entire family for a good half of the morning getting to know them and capturing all of their special interactions with baby Aram.

Christine & Clint | Harvard Square Engagement Session

Laura Saur

This engagement session meant so much for me to shoot because Christine and I have been friends since freshman year of high school. When I started LCS Studio she and her wonderful fiancé Clint were excited to be one of my first clients. I wanted to help pick out a location that was meaningful to them and felt Harvard was the most significant since they first met there. It was so great that they both felt comfortable in front of me to truly be themselves. Of course, we couldn’t not include their 2-year old golden retriever, Duke. At that point, the shoot went wherever Duke found a squirrel and we simply followed behind in laughter.

I can’t wait to stand by Christine’s side on her and Clint’s big day this September. =)


Owen & Noah | Farragut Park | South Boston, MA

Laura Saur

This is it. The first photo shoot that sparked the beginning of LCS Studio. These are my two nephews, Owen and Noah. They have the biggest hearts and most curious minds, which makes me love spending time with them seeing the world through their eyes. They’re so innocent and I wish they could stay that way forever, but since they sadly won’t be little for much longer I have to embrace these adventurous moments whenever I can. This here was a shoot I did for them for their 2015 holiday card. My sister and I picked an open space for them to run around and explore and they did just that in a very dapper way, of course. I loved catching their genuine expressions – there was never a second where I asked them to sit and look at me for a photo, I simply ran around after them with my camera in hand and captured their excitement in this new environment. I didn’t think anything of the outcome of this shoot, I did it as a favor to my sister because she liked how comfortable I was behind a camera. It wasn’t until I edited these photos that my best friend told me how much he loved the shots and admired how I captured Owen & Noah at their best and in their element. Since then he had been the one to push me to make this my new venture, and I’m so thankful to him for that motivation and helping me discover what photography truly means to me. =)