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Boston and New England lifestyle and engagement photography by Laura Saur. Family portraits, newborn sessions, and couple's engagement sessions.


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Owen & Noah | Farragut Park | South Boston, MA

Laura Saur

This is it. The first photo shoot that sparked the beginning of LCS Studio. These are my two nephews, Owen and Noah. They have the biggest hearts and most curious minds, which makes me love spending time with them seeing the world through their eyes. They’re so innocent and I wish they could stay that way forever, but since they sadly won’t be little for much longer I have to embrace these adventurous moments whenever I can. This here was a shoot I did for them for their 2015 holiday card. My sister and I picked an open space for them to run around and explore and they did just that in a very dapper way, of course. I loved catching their genuine expressions – there was never a second where I asked them to sit and look at me for a photo, I simply ran around after them with my camera in hand and captured their excitement in this new environment. I didn’t think anything of the outcome of this shoot, I did it as a favor to my sister because she liked how comfortable I was behind a camera. It wasn’t until I edited these photos that my best friend told me how much he loved the shots and admired how I captured Owen & Noah at their best and in their element. Since then he had been the one to push me to make this my new venture, and I’m so thankful to him for that motivation and helping me discover what photography truly means to me. =)