Hi! I’m Laura, a lifestyle photographer originally from Boston, MA and currently residing in my newfound home of Charleston, SC.

At the beginning of my career, I started a fashion blog as a creative outlet and a way to refine my aesthetic. Over the years, I realized what truly excited me was happening behind the lens (though a well-styled outfit never ceases to delight).

Both big and small, I am constantly on the hunt for beautiful details all around me. I love finding something extraordinary in the everyday and photography has helped me take notice of those special moments I may have previously overlooked.

While I’ve always loved photography, it changed for me when I started taking family photos of my nephews. There’s something special about being able to freeze this time in their lives – their unabashed personalities, endless curiosity and overflowing love of life. Capturing real moments and genuine emotions – that’s what matters most to me.

When I’m not taking photos, I'm usually strolling along the shoreline of my favorite beach, taste testing some Southern comfort food, or fantasizing about my next travel destination.

Want to get in touch? I love meeting potential clients for a cup of coffee to understand your vision. Let’s chat!